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2024 theme: HOSPITALITY

Study & Career Fair 2024

We recognize the fair's vital importance to our community and acknowledge that, as educators, guardians, and government entities, we collectively influence and nurture our students' interests, guiding them toward their rightful journeys. This edition stood out for its collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Economic Development (MEO), structuring companies into sectors, with the 'Technology' sector at the core. We're poised to expand this collaboration in the upcoming years. 


We've already set the theme for 2024: HOSPITALITY. 


The upcoming Curaçao Study & Career Fair is scheduled from November 12th to the 16th next year. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we aim to elevate and expand our offerings for the community, including an additional weekend day dedicated to a job fair. Stay tuned for updates, and let's collaboratively create yet another transformative and innovative fair.

Study & Career Fair 2023

November 2024:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contributions to making this year's Study & Career Fair an overwhelming success. Your dedication and enthusiasm played a pivotal role, and we genuinely appreciate your commitment.

Approximately 2000 students attended the fair during the mornings, arriving in school groups eager to explore future opportunities. Your efforts ensured they received the guidance and information they sought, inspiring and steering many toward their potential paths. In the evenings, a considerable number returned, accompanied by parents, guardians, and a diverse audience of individuals, young and old.

September 2023:

The Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao is responsible for fostering economic growth and ensuring that our country follows a clear path of economic development outlined in the National Export Strategy. Curaçao is well-positioned to take advantage of the strong global growth in the demand for information technology services. Curaçao possesses all the necessary elements to become a digital hub for the region. 

The strategy we have adopted focuses on the development of four key subsectors with significant export potential. These subsectors include IT advisory and support services, software development, IT hosting services, and telecommunications services. These interconnected IT services subsectors must collaborate to retain value on Curaçao, enhance productivity in other sectors, and digitalize our economy and exports. To realize this we need a strong ecosystem which includes a skilled labor force, strong entrepreneurs and facilities.

April 2023:

We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 29th Study and Career-fair are in full swing. We have been organizing the Study and Career Fair for nearly 30 years, and we have seen the importance and impact of this fair for Curaҫao students. We organize this fair to help them understand their options and to inform them about what comes next after they graduate. It is critical that our students make the best decision for themselves. We can only accomplish this together. 

The study and career fair will be held at the World Trade Center Curaçao on Wednesday, November 15th and Thursday, the 16th, 2023. 

The early bird rates are no longer available. 



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